Episode 8: The Busy Knitter

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3 thoughts on “Episode 8: The Busy Knitter

  1. I could imagine that these pretty crochet pieces could be inserted at the edges of a linnen tablecloth, similar to this: http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Datei:H%C3%A4kelspitze.jpg&filetimestamp=20100714055348&

  2. Each video cast gets better and better Molly. This one just kept hitting my heart with joy. Thank you for sharing your stories and journey with us.

  3. This was a great podcast! I was so happy watching it. Like you I work full time and it is hard to find time to knit and spin. With spring coming I am also adding teaching horseback riding lessons to my list of too many things to do. I would say that I will be getting up much earlier during the summer to get in some much needed “therapy” before starting my day.


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