Episode 30: The Reveal !

3 thoughts on “Episode 30: The Reveal !

  1. Hi, Molly!

    Congrats on your new shawl design. It’s really lovely. I will knit it sometime soon:)

    I talked you up a bit on my blog, too!


    xo, susan

  2. I love this shawl and the name of it is awesome. I have lots of tall pine trees behind my house. I am a beginner knitter, for 5 months now. I am knitting a wing span shawl at the moment but would love to do this shawl.

  3. Hi Molly

    Your shawl is a definite will knit. It is really lovely and even more so that it has a story.

    I am really enjoying your podcast too and have watched all from the beginning.


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