Episode 3: Just in the nick of time !!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 3: Just in the nick of time !!

  1. Loved this episode and your discussion about Berlin knitting shops ( or lack thereof). Love your fiber you got to spin too! I just ordered some fiber rolags from SpinMonkey per your introduction! I’m looking forward to trying them out! Thanks for posting!

  2. Your shawl came out beautifully!! Love the colors especially the coral.
    I’m surprised about the knitting scene in Berlin, I guess you assume m

  3. Bigger city more options. My Oma lives in Augsburg and and she has two wool shops within walking distance and I love that. I also feel like they have better wool choices and prices compared to the us. I mean sure we have the craft stores where you get well priced items but I don’t feel like it’s the same quality. And not counting the big name craft store my nearest yarn shop is a 40 min drive. I do think socially the yarn scene is bigger here than Germany though. Hopefully that will change. It’s neat hearing what it’s like in different areas. I’m loving your bags. Hope to see more go up in your new shop soon. And maybe by the time I catch up on videos I can join in on a kal ;).


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