Episode 2: Busy, busy, busy !!!

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treasure hunting in my grandmother’s craft room

After many afternoons spent searching for treasures in my grandmother’s craft room, we found two beautiful pieces of needlework. Both of which I later made into cushions, which decorate the Homespun House Household ! She also gifted me a beautiful pair of yellow socks knitted by her mother, Ruby

on the needles

While it is not something I am able to work on every week. I am still going strong and loving to knit my Cozy Memories blanket. I like to do this in between projects when scraps are available. Will my grandmother’s odds and ends may make an appearance in the Cozy Memories blanket as well at a future date ! Time will tell ! The A Homespun House KAL is going strong ! Many people have finished their lovely shawls and I am 17 rows short (or LONG, as there are over 500 sts per round!) on finishing up my shawl ! Tara of Spin Monkey‘s and Fondant fiber will be very generously providing the giveaway prizes for A Homespun House’s KAL !!! I decided my plain ‘Molly’ socks are too much fun, that I ripped out my original sock plans and re-cast on a my normal sock recipe. However, inspired by Sara of ‘Oh Sknit‘ podcast, I plan to soon have two different socks on the needles at a time !

acquired fiber/spindle/yarn

I am really loving and hoping to spin with my SpinCityUK lavender fiber batt on my new spindle !! A wonderful friend and viewer of the podcast was so generous as to send me the Patons Kroy sock yarn I have been drooling over for the past few weeks. I haven’t decided yet as to who’s feet will be lucky enough to wear them.

february KAL announcement

Emily of the Whatcha Swatchin podcast and I would like to announce that we are February will be everything FINGERING weight ! If you are knitting with, you are free to knit anything your heart desires. As long as it is in fingering weight ! I will be picking up and knitting my Grace Cardigan !

shop update

I have decided that I will sporadically be updating my shop with new bags ! I am still (as always) pleasantly surprised and excited that you all are so excited about shop ! Custom orders are something I am open to and love doing ! So please, do not hesitate to ask !

One thought on “Episode 2: Busy, busy, busy !!!

  1. Hi! Your shawl is looking so beautiful, I love the colors.
    I like Tazo tea as well. I have had their zen and chai. I drink the zen almost daily.
    I really enjoy the ideas and projects that you “collaborate” on with your grandmas. It makes me think about what I could do with some of the things that I have gotten from my gma or great gma.
    Have a great day!


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