Episode 12: Feedback Please !!!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 12: Feedback Please !!!

  1. I enjoy your podcast. Would like show notes, especially when you highlight products like soap, buttons etc. I like to see wips, fo’s, etc. and a variety in podcast. I like that you share sewing items too. Doesn’t matter to me the order you show items. I’m pretty busy so I don’t usually join knit alongs because then my favorite pastime becomes an obligation. I like your color choices. Maybe you could wear some of the items you’ve knitted, but then it is summer soon so maybe not. Lol hope this helps.

  2. Love everything about your podcast. Loads of information that you share with us. I would like to see some info written before or after the podcast as to your ravelry group, Instagram, etc.
    I can not find your Instagram name listed anywhere.
    Thank you

  3. Hey Molly you know I thought I left a comment on last podcast but now wondering if I turned off my computer before I submitted it…. hmmm any who I just wanted to say I do enjoy listening to you. I enjoy that you mix it up from time to time with your look backs segments, sewing, knitting, spinning and so on. I love listening about your life in Berlin, your job and your family. I find it interesting you ride you bike to work … does your daughter?? or does she ride a bus?? I also love the picture of your kitchen I would love to see more of your home… maybe favorite places around where you live. I think the things we do and the places we visit and how we see the world help develop us in a way and helps others feel a kindred relationship that may have not be experienced other wise…. maybe that doesn’t make sense but in my crazy world it does. I do wish you typed a little show notes to have links for the products you mentioned… maybe in the episode edit in a pop up with the company name or something.. I am loving my Hitch inspired ebook btw and despite totally frogging it last Saturday night and starting over it is going quite well. I have actually have gotten father along than I was the first time. I was just knitting to tightly I think because I was scared of cables…. I know love them and find them quite like jelly beans wanting the next ( I am not a potato chip kind of girl ) lol have a Blessed Easter and hugs from Alabama.

  4. Hi Pat !!! I am so happy that you enjoy the podcast !!! My instagram is linked on the left of the blog ! There should be a row of three pictures vertically falling down the side when you visit the homespun webpage ! As to the ravelry group, here is the link :


    Enjoy !! And happy handcrafting to you :)


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